Monday, May 21, 2012

Blood type diet + Toronto Vegan Spring Expo

This is SCIENCE. When I first heard about this diet (the book came out a million years ago) I just ignored it. Many years later a naturopath explained to me that it's based on evolution; that the blood types evolved over thousands of years of biodiversity and do correlate to other differences including how you process food. It kind of makes sense. The same naturopath told me that my blood type A (neg) fit perfectly with my preferred diet, which is vegan and fresh.
I never read the book but here are the basics:

So it makes sense that I would prefer to eat that way.
Sometimes when people ask me about being vegan I feel a little sheepish about how easy it was for me to give up meat and dairy. It really was pretty effortless. I guess this is part of why.
And there's more! Dr. Peter D'Adamo's website has more details on the typical traits of the various types. related matters there is a Vegan Spring Expo coming up here next week for which I am stoked.

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