Friday, July 27, 2012

Hate to see the haughty grovel, or, KStew + RPattz for NEVER???

Of course I hate myself for using the paparazzi endorsed nicknames, what do you take me for?

I always kind of loved how this couple greeted the press/media/paparazzi with what seemed like naked scorn. I'm not even being sarcastic, I don't think this woman can act AT ALL, him I have no idea but I just like the way they seemed to kind of bite the hand that feeds them in the press. Man, talk about bitchface. And there's a whole tumblr about just that!

I say she can't act because I SAW her, not acting, in the Snow White film for which I had high hopes. It was aesthetically beautiful (and Charlize Theron was awesome as always--looking terrifyingly like Madonna at times), yes, beautiful but BORING. Also, while I couldn't sit through the Twilight movies at home, I did happily watch Breaking Dawn in the theatre and totally enjoyed it. Her acting is best described as leaden and there are about a million problematic things in the movie (a pervasive pro-life thing, a strangely unexplored domestic violence situation--she winds up battered after her losing her virginity to vampire Edward; completely weird).

And I don't care about this cheating story really, except to note how deeply unfortunate it would be to have to play out the vagaries of relationship strife under hot klieg lights, not that I have any sympathy for celebrities stalked by the press either. But like I say, I noticed this couple mostly because they seem to hate the press and it struck me a little funny (haha).

So how gross was it that Kristen gave this weepy PUBLIC statement, I can't even imagine why she would think she had to do that, I guess an army of 'handlers' tell these twits when to move their bowels.

The good news is the 'scorned wife' is taking the high road, on twitter, where we do these things.

Too bad for them and too bad for us, that their dirty laundry is flapping in the collective breeze....
And I do hate to see the haughty grovel.

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