Thursday, July 26, 2012

We're still talking about women "having it all"?

Kind of seems like not having kids is having a moment or something. I hadn't seen the original piece in the Atlantic "Why Women Still Can't Have it All" until after seeing the response piece on Jezebel. 

I guess it depends on what having it all means to you. I think most people just want to be happy, but even on that score it seems like not having kids wins out (according to the stats on the Jezebel piece). And I've talked to lots of parents who say that there is a huge tradeoff of leisure etc (the etc might mean 'being happy day to day'?), but that the pleasure of childrearing are intense. I'm sure that's true. My own father has told me many times that he thinks the point of living is to have kids--and for sure that level of hyperbole has made me a little skeptical. Almost sounds a little 'silk purse sow's ear' or perhaps he's trying to sell me something.

And hey, Dolly agrees with the no kids option! And since she is my spirit animal, she's probably on to something.

Jessica Valenti, who's written other things I've liked, has a book coming out in the fall: Why Have Kids? 

As much as I hate when people refer to their pets as 'fur babies' (barf), it all kind of makes me appreciate these knuckleheads.

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