Saturday, August 4, 2012

Last Days Here Official Trailer - HD Movie (2012)

Saw this documentary the other night and immediately regretted not listening to Pentagram for a long time....I never knew anything about the lead singer. It's a great documentary, total emotional comeback territory. There are a lot of crazy elements to it. Bobby Liebling is the subject, has major struggles with drugs and just functioning at all basically. It's an interesting story about one guy, and in a way helped me see again that people can come back from serious substance use disorders (I mean he looked almost dead at the start)--in my line of work I kind of need to be reminded about that now and then.
This guy had unbelievable support and co-dependence from his parents who are incredibly loving and supportive. You really don't see this much, at least I don't. I'm glad I remembered that there are parents and families like that.
There's also interesting stuff about the music industry, and one of those strange cases where a band just missed one opportunity after another, some by chance, some by stupidity/ego etc. There is also an insane love story that made me want another updated doc about his wife and family.

Halcoholic video #1 from Hallie Liebling on Vimeo.
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It's hard to really get a sense of either of their personalities from the documentary. It's hard to be really cynical about them (well why would you?) aside from the age difference/looks disparity, and as she says in the doc she has nothing financial to gain from the relationship. I guess we're so used to the money for youth/beauty exchange that it's hard to see beyond that.
Let's just say it makes AMAZING video!
And, she has a style blog!  I guess Pentagram lovers hate her. OBVS.

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